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About me
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Thomas Öberg - tells with images and words

Nature in the north (Natur i Norr) is the starting point for most of what I do, even though, like the birds, I enjoy travelling as far as the tropics. A great deal of my life has been spent telling about life in the north: reindeer, glacier crowfoot, people, snow, sun, rivers and all that swarms and lives. Since 1971 I have lived in Jokkmokk with Sarek, Muddus, Lofoten and the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia just around the corner. This leaves its mark. In 2002 my wife and I moved to Brändön, 25 km north of Luleå. We live there with the view of the sea and the archipelago with great grey owl, hare and moose crossing our yard and seals swimming in the water.

To begin with I received a university degree with major studies in biology, geology and chemistry with a specialization in ecology. For fifteen years I was an ecology teacher at the Sámi Education Center. Ecology is best studied in the field and many trips were made to the forests, marshes, mountains and sea. At the same time I began my career as a radio producer with nature and humankind's dependence upon nature as an on-going theme. I have produced numerous programs for many Swedish radio programs dealing with nature through the years.

After teaching, I worked for fourteen years as head of the exhibition department at Ájtte, Swedish Mountain and Sámi Museum, and was also responsible for the Alpine Garden in Jokkmokk. I had the privilege of directing the development of the museum and its exhibitions, an exciting and creative time continually featuring large, visible projects. The last few years providing information on the newly created World Heritage area, Laponia, has been an important part of my work.